Irish Quartz Stone Cladding

Irish Blue And Brown Quartz Cladding

Natural Quartz Stone Cladding

Irish Blue Quartz stone cladding is a thin layer of pregiate Quartz stone, with average size of 40 mm, is often fitted to lightweight substrate to reduce the material cost of construction, or applied to a building or other structures made of  different materials and gives your structures a unique new look. Perfect for a traditional or modern look, ideal system for both small and large scale structures.


Benefits of Stone Cladding

– Unique lightweight natural stone
– Internal and external application
– Can be both traditional and modern looking
– Fire resistance
– Fast and easy installation
– Reduces other building materials
– Reduces heat dispersions
– Weather protection


Irish Blue Ashlar Quartz & Cladding




Irish Blue & Brown Quartz Cladding



Recent Irish Blue & Brown Cladding Project

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