From our Quarry we produce all the general popular grades demanded by the construction industry and the store types required by the Local Authorities for the maintenance of local roads. They can be collected or delivered and are weighed on our weigh bridge.


The following materials are produced:

Armour/ Boulder Rock

We supply rock armour for sea defences and to support the construction of piers and have access to a local port for marine transport.

All rock is naturally occurring dense sound material, free from laminations, mechanical weakness and chemical decomposition.

Prismoidal in shape, the maximum stone dimension does not exceed twice the minimum dimension.

Apparent Relative Density > 2.6

Water absorption < 1.2%

Aggregate impact value < 25%

Aggregate Abrasion value < 10%

Soundness loss after 5 cycles < 10% for sodium sulphate and < 15% for magnesium sulphate


We also supply:

Blasted Rock
Crusher Run
8”- 6” Clean Stone
4” – 3” Clean Stone
2” Clean
4” Down
3” Down
2” Down
20mm Down

Clause 804
Clause 803
Clause 806

Quarried Washed Sand
Natural Washed Sand
Washed 40mm Gravel

28mm Clean Chips
20mm Clean Chips
14mm Clean Chips
10mm Clean Chips
6mm Clean Chips


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