Natural Building Stone

We cut a range of natural building stone for houses walls and fireplaces which we supply and deliver throughout Ireland and the UK.

Natural stone cladding is also available. Contact us today for a quote.

Building stone is guillotined and available in 1 tonne bags which builds approx. 3.3m2

Irish Blue Quartz & Irish Blue Ashlar Quartz

This is a unique consistent sky blue Quartz found exclusively in Inishowen. It’s distinctive formed coarse grains give the stone an unusual but complementing appearance.

Irish Brown Quartz

This natural form of Quartz shows a close adherence to the weathered wind stone from which it originates. This rock type when tumbled and cut blend well with the natural countryside.


Irish Blue Brown Quartz

Irish Blue Brown Quartz offers an aesthetic look to any landscape.

Donegal Sandstone & Donegal Sandstone Ashlar

This rich golden stone is quarried from Donegal’s sandstone regions. The cut stone adds warm colour to any area giving it a brighter feel and appearance.

Donegal Slate

A stone quarried from distinct lines of cleavage out of the rock face, providing the stone mason with a building stone that is easily built and shaped. The controlled form give a finish appearance of precision for those who like the idea of stonework along with a defined new age look.

Donegal Grey Brown Quartz

With its defined cleavage plane this stone tends to be the stonemasons favourite. The grey brown colour mix gives a feeling of nature, yet with its distinct form can be allowed to be used in refined modern day work.

Donegal Grey Quartz

This well-defined grey quartz shows definite horizontal magnitude which appeals to stonemasons for its ease of build. This is an ideal stone for a dry build.

Liscannor Limestone


Irish Blue Quartz Cladding

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Sandstone Cladding

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Donegal Slate Cladding


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Sandstone, Travertine Slate, Quartz, Limestone and Granite are products of nature and have been quarried from all over the world. As natural products, they are prone to variations in colour, texture, shade and veining that may differ from the samples shown.

Variations in natural products are not considered flaws of natural stone but may occur as a result of the type of stone being used, as well as the current quarry conditions. These differences and variations in the stone should be considered as the beauty of natural stone instead of flaws. No two pieces of natural stone are alike.

Always request samples of present stock as variations in material may occur without notice.

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