We operate an in-house testing laboratory to maintain high quality standards and consistency for our large selection of materials and products. We are ICMA Quality Approved, EN206 approved and are CE Marked. In order to retain these, annual independent audits are carried out.

The laboratory testing staff work closely with all those involved with product manufacturing to ensure that the end product complies with the customer requirements including Design Engineers, Site Engineers, Architects and Site Foremen.

We address customer enquiries with regard to the following:

  • Concrete Mix Design and Costing
  • Concrete Additions which can include admixtures, steel, plastic fibres etc
  • Quarry Material Grading for site specifications or engineering requirements.

Main Advantages of Concrete Products

  • Durability – you get a long lasting maintenance free structure.
  • Sound insulation & security.
  • Resale Value – better reale value ensuring premium financial security.
  • Fire – better protection against fire.
  • Heat Retention – Better heat retention properties.
  • Meets & exceeds EU Energy performance regulations.

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