There are many solutions to consider when adding a surface to a residential landscape such as a garden or a driveway. Paving slabs are a popular choice for landscaping an area because of their advantages and attractive features.

Advantages of paving

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Using paving slabs and paving bricks offer many advantages for your landscape project including:

  • Many shapes and colours – Paving slabs and bricks are available in many different colours, shapes and sizes. This flexibility allows landscapers to create aesthetic pavement and patio areas and driveways.
  • Durable – Paving slabs and paving bricks are durable and hard wearing when used for patios, footpaths and driveways.
  • Easy to repair – Paving is easy to repair if certain slabs or bricks get damaged or become removed from the concrete or sand under layer. Broken or cracked slabs or bricks can easily be removed and replaced.
  • Low maintenance – Paving is easy to maintain and can be cleaned easily through sweeping and pressure washing.

Paving for your driveway

The most common materials to use for a driveway include concrete, decorative gravel and paving. Paving is a popular choice for driveways as it provides a vibrant and finished look. As a result of its flexibility in colours,shapes and sizes, a paved driveway can have unique look. A paved driveway also provides all of the advantages including, hard wearing and easy maintenance features.

Patio slabs for your garden

Paving can provide your garden area with a finished look. Paving slabs also provide a safe surface to walk on in wet conditions because of the non slip features of the product.

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Where can I see more examples of paving?

Cassidy Bros have a wide range of paving in stock, which can be delivered across Ireland and the UK. We supply Barleystone paving, Kingspave cobble paving and our own manufactured range of Cassidys paving. All of our paving can be viewed at our paving centre. Phone +353(0)749157100 to find out more  or to book an appointment to view our paving stone and patio slabs at our paving centre.