Cassidy Bros has reached dizzy heights in the supply of stone and gravel to an exclusive roof-top garden in the heart of London.

Kings Cross project

Four Pancras Square in Kings Cross is a modern office development which spans ten floors and almost 175,000 square feet of modern office development.

The Kings Cross building features a breathtaking roof-top garden which is finished off with finest Donegal stone and decorative gravel thanks to Cassidy Bros.

David Cassidy, said the contract to provide natural building stone and decorative gravel in London was secured largely due to the unrivalled aesthetic beauty of the Donegal building materials.

“At Cassidy Bros we have decorative stone and gravel which unique. In recent years, decorative gravel and stone from Donegal and the North West area has become very sought after in the UK and across Ireland – and demand is continuing to rise.

“We are supplying an increased amount building stone and gravel to UK projects as we continue to expand our business there. Demand for Donegal stone and gravel in London has been particularly strong.

“We were delighted to play a part in this huge project and to deliver a little piece of Donegal into the heart of London,” he said.