At Cassidy Brothers Concrete Products, we have a range of Stone and Precast Benches and Tables available to buy at very competitive prices. But why would you choose Stone Garden Furniture over conventional metal or wooden alternatives.

Firstly Stone and concrete furniture is aesthetically pleasing on most landscapes and gardens whether urban or rural. The right stone on the right backdrop can create a piece of furniture that gives the sense of belonging. Here at Cassidy Brothers we have an extensive range of stone types in many exciting and indigenous colours that would suit and fit in within any area of Ireland and the UK.

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What makes buying furniture from us more attractive is that you don’t have to just buy the furniture that we have already created. Our skilled stone masons and engineers can source and build any stone or concrete furniture on any scale from your own design. We are bespoke stone and precast specialists with a history of delivering stone and precast furniture to the highest quality.


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Stone furniture is heavier and more solid than metal or wooden furniture. This means it can withstand the ‘Extreme Weather’ a lot better than the others. Metal tends to rust and weaken in the rain as does untreated wooden furniture. Wooden furniture and some Metal furniture can be flimsy and can be easily blown around your yard or garden with even the slightest winds. Stone and concrete are not subject to these problems caused by the weather, they are rust proof, heavy and require very little weather care.

Wood and Metal are easy to bend or warp. This is especially a problem on the legs of garden furniture causing the furniture to be unbalanced and frustrating to use. Again this is not a problem that is encountered with stone and concrete furniture.


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Stone and Concrete Furniture is long lasting. This type of furniture can last generations and rarely will lose its value. Even well maintained wooden and metal furniture will not last as long. Therefore it can almost be seen that buying stone furniture is an investment in your garden rather than a cost for garden furniture. As well as this, stone furniture over its lifetime is considerably cheaper to maintain than its wooden or metal counterparts.


So with this in mind why not visit our website at or call into one of our branches in Buncrana, Letterkenny or Cranford to find out more information. Further contact details can be found on our website under contact us tab.