When deciding to install a surface in your garden or landscape, paving slabs are a popular choice among homeowners. With careful planning, preparation and following these 10 simple steps, will help you to find and install the perfect paving surface for your landscape.

1. Choose The Location For Your Paving

It is best to select a location for your patio that will allow you to make the most of your outdoor space. When choosing the location, it is important to consider the ease of access and proximity to neighbours so that you can fully enjoy your outdoor space.

2. Assess The Area Around The Intended Location

When laying paving, it is important to avoid placing paving slabs over tree roots or near plants and shrubs. Pay attention to the landscape that will surround your new patio to prevent roots from damaging your paving over time. When designing your patio area, you must be mindful of access to electricity, water and other amenities that may be buried under the area that you intend to pave.

3. Envisage Your Patio Design

Patios are generally intended to appear comfortable, private and welcoming. Take a moment to consider your hopes for your new patio. What atmosphere would you like to achieve? Homeowners often choose to match the design of their patio, with the style and detail of their house. Choose a design that will compliment your current living space and landscape garden area.

Paving slab textures

4. Your Patio Should Be Safe

As well as assuring that your patio is easily accessible; you must also take into consideration the needs of others. Do any family members or friends have any specific requirements that should be made to accommodate their needs? If you plan to use your patio at night you may also wish to consider lighting arrangements. Choosing a patio surface that has no-slip characteristics in wet conditions is also a consideration that one must think about.

5. Measuring The Area For Paving

Determine the square footage of your patio by multiplying the length and width. Also include measurements for your patio border area where you intend to lay paving kerbs.

6. Draft a Plan For Your Paving

Draw a scaled plan on paper, detailing all dimensions and measurements of your new patio. This will ensure that you order and receive the correct amount of stone paving to start your project.

Cassidy Bros paving bricks

7. Consider Your Paving Design Options

Choosing a stylish and decorative patio to meet your needs and suit the environment of your home is important. Visit the Cassidy Brothers paving centre in Letterkenny to view the range of paving to suit your requirements. The range of paving on display include Barleystone paving and Cassidy Bros paving.

8. Choose Your Preferred Paving Texture

You can choose to use paving slabs or used paving bricks for your landscape depending on your preference. Paving slabs are also available in a cobble, riven or plain texture.

9. Choose Your Paving Company

Choosing an experienced paving company is essential in order to receive advice on what type of paving would best suit your requirements. It will also save you time if you choose a paving company who deliver paving direct to your location. Cassidy Bros deliver paving to customers throughout Ireland and the United Kingdom.

10. Choose a Paving Installer

You can choose to install the paving yourself or you could find a qualified paver to lay the paving for you. Cassidy Bros can recommend a quality paver in your area to install your paving.

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